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The Roswell Report - Cover

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The Roswell Report

Below are two options for viewing the Roswell Report issued by the United States Air Force.  The first option is to view the report in sections.  The full report is almost 1000 pages long and we recommend viewing the document one 200 or so page section at at time, especially if you are going to view it online.  The second option is to view the full report.  If you wish to view the entire report, we suggest that you 'right-click' on the full report link, and save the file to a hard disk, due to it's size.

Each option provides the user with a bookmarked pdf file, with linked Tables of Contents.  At the beginning and end of each section are pages with links to the previous or next section of the Report, so that you may continue viewing with relative ease.  A portion of the Table of Contents is included at the beginning of each section, to aid navigation.  Only the portion that is applicable to the particular section of the document is included.

Some important photographs and other images are  also linked to higher quality and resolution versions stored outside the document.

Roswell Report, Section One - 194 pages, 6.0 MB

Roswell Report, Section Two - 144 pages, 5.8 MB

Roswell Report, Section Three - 203 pages, 6.6 MB

Roswell Report, Section Four - 205 pages, 9.8 MB

Roswell Report, Section Five - 267 pages, 12.2 MB

Entire Roswell Report in one file - 998 pages, 40.5 MB (right click to save)

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