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Research And Development On Advanced Graphite Materials. Volume XII - Development Of An Improved Large Diameter Fine Grain Graphite For Aerospace Applications

Report Number: WADD TR 61-72 Volume 12
Author: Waters, C. W.
Author: Piper, E. L.
Corporate Author: Advanced Materials Laboratory, National Carbon Company
Laboratory: AF Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-03
Pages: 38
Contract: AF 33(616)-6915
Project: 7350
Task: 735002
AD Number: AD0435814

This report describes a method for producing graphite using a pressure curing process which was partially developed prior to initiation of this contract. The process is based on a thermosetting binder system and is employed to develop a reasonable uniform fine-grain graphite. Also presented are the contract supported investigations of the process variables associated with attempting to reach optimum properties and with scaling up to 30-inch diameter sizes. This graphite, designated "Grade RVA", is nominally characterized by a bulk density of 1.85 g/cc, room temperature with and against grain flexural strengths of 3700 and 2900 lbs/in2 respectively, with and against grain elastic moduli of 1.7 and 1.3 million lbs/in2 respectively, and variations in these properties of only one-half to one-third of those normally associated with quality industrial graphites such as grade ATJ. Future activities to further improve quality are also indicated

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