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Studies in Resuscitation

Report Number: AF TR 6696
Author(s): Howard G. Swann
Corporate Author: University of Texas
Date of Publication: 1951-09
Pages: 7
PB Number: PB118181
AD Number: AD0000129
Original AD Number: 129

Resuscitation of dogs dying from acute anoxia was effected by a gas mixture of 4% O and 96% N. The pathological changes in dogs which had suffered an irreversible cerebral change from anoxia were confirmed primarily to the cerebrum. Adrenocortical lesions of unknown etiology appeared irregularly. Ventricular fibrillation during fresh-water drowning was caused by a low O tension and low plasma Na, with a constant plasma K content. Intravenous injections of NaCl prevented fibrillation from occurring but did not reverse fibrillation which had occurred. Ca did not prevent fibrllation. The limits of resuscitablility in drowning are described. Aspirated water itself, either fresh or sea, was not dangerous to the organism; danger arises from the blockage of respiratory passages, anoxia, and ventricular fibrillation. The processes of death and resuscitation in man are summarized.

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