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Studies To Determine The Electrical And Physical Properties Of Aviation Fuel

Report Number: WADC TR 52-53
Author: Petersen, C. C.
Corporate Author: Armour Research Foundation
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1952-09
Pages: 201
Contract: AF 33(038)-3793
Project: None Given
PB Number: PB110968
AD Number: AD0006130
Original AD Number: 6130

Measurements of dielectric constant, dissipation factor, and density were made on 220 aviation-fuel samples (91/98, 100/130, 115/145, JP-1, JP-3, and JP-4, and various experimental and foreign fuels. The measurements were made to determine the effect of the different fuels on the readings of aircraft of the different fuels on the readings of aircraft capacitance-type fuel-quantity gages. The capacity index a criterion of gage response to a given mass of fuel, varied as much as 4 to 5% among the 91/98, 115/145, 100/130 and JP-1 grades at 32 deg F and 400 c. The change in mean value of capacity index as a result of evaporation of 10% by volume was under 0.3% for all the grades of fuel. The results of the tests are given in tabular and graphic forms.

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