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Investigation Of Plasticizers For Oil-Resistant Rubber For Service At Low Temperatures In Contact With Hydrocarbon Fluids

Report Number: WADC TR 52-80
Author: Hillyer, J. C.
Author: Imig, C. S.
Corporate Author: Phillips Petroleum Company
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1952-01
Pages: 49
Contract: AF 33(038)-17201
Project: None Given
AD Number: AD0002179
Original AD Number: 2179

Materials evaluated as low-temperature plasticizers for Paracri l NS- 26 include: liquid polybutadiene (PBD) and their derivatives; the butadiene (BD)-furfural cotrimer and several of its derivatives; hydroxylated BD derivatives; polyethylene glycol derivatives; Thiokol ZL-109 alone and blended with TP-90B; substituted amides, ureas, and urethans; TP-90B derivatives; hydroxy nitriles; diallyl sebacate and divinylbenzene as vulcanizable softeners; silicones; phosphonate esters; mercaptan-ethylene oxide condensates; and sorbitol Most of the plasticizers failed to improve the low-temperature properties over those of unplasticized stock; the plasticized materials also exhibited a high extractability with a 70/30 isooctane-PhMe mixture. Several hydroxy polybutadiene containing about 5 to 10% O, several ZL-109/TP-90B blends, N-formylmorpholine, and polyethylene glycol derivatives appeared promising. Several 90/10 co-polymers of 1,3 butadiene and 1-cyano-1, 3-butadiene, prepared from 1-cyano butadiene containing varying amounts of the cis and Transisomers isomers, were compounded with 20 phr of TP-90B and with 20 phr of liquid PBD. A comparison of the copolymers with Paracril B and Paracril 18 samples similarly compounded showed the general superiority of the cyano butadiene copolymers in low-temperature properties and their general inferiority in oil resistance and other physical properties. cis-1-Cyano butadiene appeared to yield the best experimental copolymers.

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