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Investigation Of The Synthesis And Testing Of Various Possible Boron-Organo And Other Similar Polymers

Report Number: WADC TR 52-192
Author: Stout, L. E.
Author: Chamberlain, D. F.
Corporate Author: Washington University
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1952-06
Pages: 50
Contract: AF 33(038)-23299
Project: None Given
AD Number: AD0002149
Original AD Number: 2149

Efforts were directed toward the synthesis of compounds of the types Rsub2Ti(OH)sub2 and RB(OH)sub2,where R is the organic radical. Experiments verified literature findings that organo-Ti compounds containing a Ti-C bond could not be formed. Of the alkyl- and arylboronic acid possibilities, only the Pr, Bu, hexyl, and Ph derivatives were isolated. These compounds were heat and moisture sensitive; no conditions of temperature, concentration, time, atmosphere, or catalyst were found which would induce condensation polymerization to Boron Polymeric Organo complexes of BFsub3 and Hsub3BOsub2Fsub2 were formed. Heating the complexes produced various reactions, primarily decomposition, but did not cause polymerization. Condensation polymers were obtained from Hsub3BOsub3 and several glycols, but they were low melting and Hsub2O soluble. Low-melting, Hsub2O-sensitive polymers were also formed from mixtures of glycerol, Hsub3BOsub3, and phthalic or maleic anhydride or fumaric acid. The boronic acids were not similar to dihydroxy-silicones which undergo condensation polymerization; they decomposed to Hsub3BOsub3 or the anhydride. When B-containing polymeric esters or amides were formed, the presence of B produced Hsub2O sensitivity.

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