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Binocular Disparity As A Coding Dimension For Pictorial Instrument And Radar Displays

Report Number: WADC TR 55-393
Author: Cohen, Jerome
Corporate Author: Antioch College
Laboratory: Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1955-12
Pages: 28
PB Number: PB128135
AD Number: AD0093633

Two experiments were done in order to determine the increments of bionocular disparity angle which would result in equal discrminiability of absolute depth judgments. On the basis of the reults, we can specify the discrete amounts of binocular disparity to present to the operators of three dimensional cathode ray tube displays; or conversely, we can state the relative accuracy with which operators would be able to make depth discriminations over the range of binocular disparities between the upper and lower limits of fusion. The first experiment employed nineteen subjects who recorded depth judgments on a continuous scale, and the second employed twenty subjects who recorded their depth judgments in eleven discrete categories. Twenty-two pairs of test slides with four disparate targets on each slide were presented to the subjects in the same stereoscope in both studies. The responses were scaled by the method of the R scale transformation; this involves normalizing the data, and separating the reponse categories by equal standard deviation distances. The computed R scale increments were found to be proportional to the logarithm of the response category increments. There is an almost linear relationship between discriminability and the logarithm of binocular disparity angles. Suggested angles of binocular disparity for equipment use are presented in the paper, as well as discussion on the effects of disparity on target.

Hunt Library, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
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