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Elastomeric Dithiopolyesters

Report Number: WADC TR 55-117
Author: Knobloch, F. W.
Corporate Author: Materials Laboratory
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1955-06
Pages: 25
Contract: Laboratory Research - No Contract
Project: 7340
Task: 73404
PB Number: PB111949
AD Number: AD0080283

Elastomers have been prepared from an experimental liquid polymer formulation derived from a condensation product of mercaptoacetic acid and triethylene glycol. Two general types of these elastomers are discussed; one was obtained by reaction of the liquid polymer with organic and inorganic peroxides, the other by reaction of terminal mercapto groups with unsaturated aldehydes. Selected specimens of each type of elastomer were successfully compounded and vulcanized using conventional rubber processing equipment. The behaviour of these vulcanizates in fuels and synthetic ester base oils has been studied along with the effects of aging at elevated temperatures. The vulcanized dithiopolyesters showed excellent resistance to the swelling action of 70/30 iso-octane/toluene fuel mixtures. Ester base oils of the MIL-78O8A type were found to cause shrinkage. Elevated temperatures (350 F) consistently brought about rapid deteri oration of both vulcanized and raw polymer stocks.

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