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Man-machine Dynamics: Chapter VII of the Joint Services Human Engineering Guide to Equipment Design

Report Number: WADC TR 57-582
Author: Ely, Jerome H.
Author: Orlansky, Jesse
Author: Bowen, Hugh M.
Corporate Author: Dunlap And Associates, Inc.
Laboratory: Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1957-11
Pages: 121
Contract: AF 33(616)-419
Project: 7180
Task: 71501
PB Number: PB131576
AD Number: AD0131082

This report identifies and discusses factors affecting human performance in tracking and watchkeeping (vigilance) tasks, and makes recommendations towards improving the performance of such systems. Whenever these recommendations are the direct outgrowth of published research, the appropriate studies are cited. Other recommendations have been developed by the authors from their own experiences. The report is divided into three main parts: General Information, Important Design Factors in Closed-Loop Systems, Human Time Lags. A table of contents and a subject index are provided as aids to the user.

Hunt Library, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
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