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The Behavior Of Fuels And Lubricants In Dynamic Test Equipment Operating In The Presence Of Gamma Radiation

Report Number: WADC TR 58-264
Author: Fainman, M. Z.
Author: Kaufman, E. D.
Author: Reynolds, O. P.
Author: Thistlethwaite, R. L.
Author: Wolford, O. C.
Author: Krasnow, M. E.
Corporate Author: Cook Electric Company; Inland Testing Laboratories Division
Laboratory: Propulsion Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1958-03
Pages: 193
Contract: AF 33(616)-3865
Project: 3115
Task: 30385
PB Number: PB151701
AD Number: AD0155596

This report summarizes work conducted on a program designed to evaluate fuels, hydraulic fluids, and lubricants for use in a nuclear-powered aircraft. During the preformance period ending March 1958, 79 fuels and 41 lubricants were investigated. Results obtained clearly indicate that it is necessary to assess the effects of mechanical, thermal, and radiation stresses simultaneously. It has been observed that mechanical tests in a radiation environment often affect materials more drastically and at lower doses of radiation than the same tests conducted with statically irradiated samples without attendant radiation. Relative ratings of ten of the most promising fuels and six lubricants with the best performance characteristics are given. These ratings are based on performance in dynamic test machinery operated in a radiation environment.

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