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Ultrathermic Capacitor

Report Number: WADD TR 61-50
Author: Barnett, C. W. H.
Corporate Author: American Machine And Foundry Company
Date of Publication: 1961-03
Pages: 52
AD Number: AD0261960

The design of a capacitor capable of operation at 500 C and in nuclear radiation is presented. This design is the result of the development of processes of spraying dielectric material by use of oxyacetylene-flame spraying and spraying by means of a plasma jet. The processes led to the development of 2 types of capacitors, namely, the monolithic and the rolled-tape types. The monolithic type of capacitor was produced by spraying alternate layers of electrode and dielectric material on a rotating ceramic core. The tape capacitor was made by spraying dielectric material on an aluminum-foil tape and then rolling 2 of these tapes to form a conventional rolled-type of capacitor. Tests established that, considering the temperature and radiation requirements, aluminum and alumina are the best materials for fabricating this type of component. Two sizes of unit were designed, a small unit having the design goal of .001 to .01 microfarad and a larger unit with the design goal of 0.1 to 1.0 microfarad. The development phase showed that the design goal is realistic and also confirmed that a program for the production of an ultrathermic capacitor is feasible.

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