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Simultaneous Heating And Loading Of Type 321 Stainless Steel And Strain Aging Of Columbium And Tantalum

Report Number: WADD TR 61-165
Author: Clyde, Willhelm, A.
Corporate Author: Southern Research Institute
Date of Publication: 1961-12
Pages: 171
AD Number: AD0272779

The experimens were divided into two separate phases of investigation. In Phase I, a tensile machine supplied with improved methods of strain-rate control was used for determining the tensile properties of 0.060-in. Type 321 annealed stainless steel sheet under conditions of simultaneous heating and loading. Phase II experiments were performed on 0.030-in.-thick sheet specimens of annealed Nb and Ta to determine the effects of strain aging on the tensile properties of the two materials. The specimens were subjected to tensile loading at strain rates of 0.2, 0.05, 0.002, and 0.00008 in./in./sec over a range of temperatures from 100 to 2200 F. The results from Phase I provide a partial confirmation of the concept of a mechanical equation of state as shown by the close correlation between the experimental and predicted data. Both Nb and Ta exhibited strainaging properties. Strain-aging effects were more pronounced in Nb. Several anomalous side effects are discussed.

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