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Investigation Of Escape Capsule Systems For Multi-place Aircraft. Part II: Preliminary Design And wind Tunnel Testing Of An Individual Escape Capsule

Report Number: WADC TR 57-329 Part 2
Author: Milhoan, F. M.
Author: Vorachek, J. J.
Author: D'Allura, J.
Corporate Author: Goodyear Aircraft Corporation
Laboratory: Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1961-12
Pages: 282
Contract: AF 33(616)-5017
Project: 1362 - Crew Escape for Flight Vehicles
Task: 13438
AD Number: AD0273626

Design and dynamic model and wind tunnel model testing is reported for an individual escape capsule as part of a program for the investigation of escape capsule systems for a hypothetical multi-place aircraft. The capsule provides safe escape over an aircraft performance envelope having a maximum equivalent airspeed of 800 knots through an altitude range from sea level to 55,000 ft and a Mach number of 4.0 from 55,000 to 100,000 ft with a flight duration of 30 hr. The preliminary design is described. Results from stress and weight analyses are included. A preliminary performance and stability analysis of 3 capsule stabilization systems, including fins, boom-balloon configurations, and trailing drag bodies, was made, and a system comprised of a variable sized inflatable drag body was selected and further analyzed. Data used for the analysis was obtained from quarter-scale model freeflight tests and transonic and supersonic wind tunnel tests from Mach 0.5 to 3.0. Graphical results from the wind tunnel tests are included.

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