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Development Of A Permanently Fire-Resistant Cotton Fabric By Reaction With Organoboron Compounds

Report Number: ASD TR 61-6
Author(s): Liggett, R. Winston; Bosmajian, George
Corporate Author: Southern Research Inst Birmingham Ala
Laboratory: Directorate of Materials & Processes
Date of Publication: 1961-06
Pages: 32
Contract: AF 33(616)-6941
Project: 7320
Task: 73201
AD Number: AD0268629

An evaluation of 50 organoboron compounds as durable, flame-resistant finishes for cotton fabric, was made. Some were effective for imparting initial flame resistance, but none produced flame-resistant effects that would withstand even mild laundering. Approximately 100 preparations of organoboron compounds were carried out. Treatments were applied to 4 forms of the cotton fabric: as essentially pure cellulose, as alkali cellulose, as aminocellulose, and as cellulose-amine complexes. The ranges of organoboron compounds and of cellulose modifications made it possible to explore the hydrolytic stability of a variety of types of chemical and physical linkages as well as the effects of various side groups. In no case were any flame-resistant or washfast effects observed that would indicate any advantage of the organoboron compounds over the ordinary boric acid-boric oxide mixtures.

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