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Comparison Of Isolation Effects And Their Personality Correlates In Two Divergent Samples

Report Number: ASD TR 61-417
Author: Goldberger, Leo
Author: Holt, Robert R.
Corporate Author: New York Univ NY Research Center For Mental Health
Laboratory: Aerospace Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1961-08
Pages: 52
Contract: AF 33(616)-6103
Project: 7222
Task: 71745
AD Number: AD0268172

Findings are reported from a pair of replicated studies using male subjects and conditions of perceptual isolation (sensory deprivation) similar to those used in the McGill studies. The first group consisted of 14 undergraduates; the second group consisted of 16 unemployed actors. All subjects were put through an intensive multiform assessment, including a battery of objectively scorable tests, plus qualitative data from projective techniques, interview, and autobiography. Reactions to the altered sensory environment, which the subjects experienced for 8 hours, were judged from the typed protocols of their verbalizations during the period of confinement. In all, 14 dependent variables were derived from the protocols. These were then intercorrelated, and both the individual variables and their syndromes were related to the variables from the personality assessment. First the general group phenomena, then the patterns of correlations are discussed, with the special emphasis on those that were replicated. Implications for space flight are discussed in terms of the nature of the sensory alteration involved and other specific aspects of the experiment.

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