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Kinetics of Oxidation of Refractory Metals and Alloys at 1000 Degrees - 2000 Degrees C, Part II.

Report Number: ASD TDR 62-203 Part 2
Author: Berkowitz-Mattuck, J. B.
Corporate Author: Arthur D. Little, Inc.
Laboratory: Directorate of Materials and Processes
Date of Publication: 1963-03
Pages: 117
Contract: AF 33(616)-6154
Project: 7350
Task: 735001
AD Number: AD0403715

An apparatus for continuous measurement of the oxidation rate of metallic materials between 900 and 2100 C is described. The samples, enclosed in an all-glass constant pressure flow system, are heated inductively, and a thermal conductiv ity cell is used to compare the oxygen concentra tion in a helium stream before and after removal of a portion of the oxygen by reaction with the heated specimens. For the highest carbides of the metals of Groups IV-A, V-A, and VI-A of the periodic table, the results of calculations of the pressures of CO and CO2 over an equilibrium mixture of metal carbide and the corresponding metal oxide are given. Oxidation of Mo3Si, Mo5Si3, and MoSi2 between 1300 and 2100 K at oxygen pressures of 2-20 Torr was studied by oxygen consumption and metallographic techniques. The oxidation of W5Si3 and WSi2 was studied by the thermal conductivity method at temperatures between 1600 and 2030 K. A measurement of the rate of oxygen consumption of Ta2Be17 was made at 1664 K and an oxygen partial pressure of 8.4 Torr.

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