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Water Recovery By Reiterative Freezing

Report Number: MRL TDR 62-14
Author: Beutel, Jack
Corporate Author: Honeywell Inc Minneapolis Minn
Laboratory: Life Support Systems Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1962-03
Pages: 75
Contract: AF 33(616)-8170
Project: 6373
Task: 637304
AD Number: AD0278833

A method of recovering potable water from urin by employing the differences in solute concentration of a liquid-ice phase system as a means of purification is discussed. This method is called reiterative freezing. A parameter of the solute concentration distribution, called the effective distribution coefficient, is defined; and a number of experimental conditions for which the effective attainable separation due to rate of freezing, agitation and direction of freezing with respect to the gravity direction is discussed. The effective distribution coeffiecients obtained for these experimental conditions are compared with the distribution coefficients obtained for these experimental conditions are compared with the distribution coefficients attainable under ideal conditions. The effect of freezing upon the distribution of micro-oragnisms is discussed. The energy requirements for the recovery of potable water from urine by various reiterative freezing schemes are calculated as a function of the yield and of the volume of liquid that must be frozen in order to recover a unit of volume of potable water containing less than 500 parts per million of solids. A comparison is made between these energy requirements and the enrgy requirements of a simpe distillation process.

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