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Environmental Pollution By Missile Propellants

Report Number: MRL TDR 62-38
Author: Heck, Walter W.
Author: Bird, Luther S.
Corporate Author: Texas A And M Univ College Station
Laboratory: Biomedical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1962-04
Pages: 120
Contract: AF 33(616)-7801
Project: 6302
Task: 630204
AD Number: AD0282984

The effects of 21 missile fuel components, in concentrations of 0, 1, 10, 100, and 1000 ppm, were determined on aquatic organisms goldfish and Daphnia) soil mcroflora (bacteria, actinomycetes, and fung), plants (squash, soybean, cotton, cowpea, and corn) and sois (leachabiity, runoff, and structure) . Some or all of the aquatic organisms died when exposed to 100 ppm of the tet chemicals. The same concentration of chemcals had no effect on the counts of soil microflora. three of the test samples may sterilize the soil of actinomycetes. A concentration of 1000 ppm of two of the compounds and two ionic species produced inhibtion of seeding germination. Three of the ionc components, when used as a soil drench at 100 ppm, produced toxc symptoms. When three of the test chemicals (gases) were used at 100 ppm as air pollutants, severe injury or death occurred in all species. Soil analyses were erratic and indicated further research on this problem. Future studies should include the concentration-time relationship of the toxic materials and the absorptive capacities of soil fractions for the test compounds.

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