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Effects Of Surface Environments On The Mechanical Behavior Of Metals

Report Number: ASD TDR 62-99
Author: Kramer, I.R.
Corporate Author: Martin Co Baltimore MD
Laboratory: Directorate of Materials and Processes
Date of Publication: 1962-08
Pages: 56
Contract: AF 33(616)-7976
Project: 7353 - Characterization of Solid Phase and Interphase Phenomena in Crystalline Structures
Task: 735303
AD Number: AD0285567

A study of the mechanical behavior of Cu single crystals in solutions containing surface-active agents shows that the weakening effect is associated with the formation and solution of metallic soaps. A large change in the stressstrain characteristics of polycrystalline Al alloys was found when the surface of the specimens was removed during plastic deformation. Studies of the effect of size of the specimen on the changes of slopes of Stages I and II by surface removal showed that the change of the slope of Stage I was independent of size with respect to the polishing rate; however, the change in the slope of Stage II with polishing rate increased directly in proportion to surface area or cross section. A surface removal treatment on single crystals eliminated the yield point, wherease the same type of treatment enhanced the yield point drop on Al alloys. Measurements of slipband spacing indicate that surface treatment affects the egress of dislocations.

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