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The Role of Advection in the Formation of Vortex Cloud Patterns

Report Number: AFCRL 62-286
Author: Leese, John A.
Corporate Author: Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1962-02
Pages: 27
AD Number: AD0277003

A case study of the spiral cloud patterns associated with an atmospheric vortex, as seen by the TIROS I meteorological satellite, shows that advection can be a dominant mechanism in the formation of these patterns. This advection is then interpreted in terms of the horizontal and vertical structure of the low pressure system with which the clouds are associated. A comparison of the vortex cloud patterns, at the time of the maximum development of the spiral clear area, with Bergeron's two common types of cold fronts indicates that these patterns should be attributed to upper-air advection relative to the surface front rather than to vertical motion along the front. The similarities displayed by the spiraling vortex cloud patterns seen by TIROS I would suggest that the features found in this detailed case study would also hold for other cases in which this particular cloud pattern exists. The spiraling vortex patterns can be associated with a low pressure area on the surface analysis, but no general statement can be made that the reverse is also true. This case study indicates that the TIROS pictures are particularly well suited for the study of horizontal advection and show promise of yielding quantitative information.

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