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The Effect Of Heat Release On The Flow Parameters In Shock-Induced Combustion

Report Number: AEDC TDR 62-78
Author: Rhodes, R. P.
Author: Rubins, P. M.
Author: Chriss, D. E.
Corporate Author: ARO, Inc.
Laboratory: Arnold Engineering Development Center
Date of Publication: 1962-05
Pages: 76
Contract: AF 40(600)-800
Project: 6952
Task: 695201
AD Number: AD0275366

Experimental investigations were conducted in a Mach 3 combustion tunnel to detemine heat release characteristics of a hydrogen-air mixture after it had passed through a normal shock. Inlet temperature varied from 1800 to 3000 degrees R. Heat relsease was indicated by three types of measurements: 1. Combustion and total temperature rise calculated from gas analysis. 2. Total pressure loss caused by heat addition. 3. Ultra-violet emmission at the OH emission frequencies, indicating an H2-O2 reaction. Combustion efficiency was found to increase with temperature and to be independent of fuel-air ratio. Fuel passing through an oblique shock was observed to emit a radiation similar to that observed from the normal shock combustion.

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