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Some Cardiorespiratory Responses of Flying and Non-flying Personnel to Different Vectors of Acceleration with Correlation of These Responses to Other Variables

Report Number: AMRL TDR 62-151
Author: Hyde, Alvin S.
Author: Cherniak, Neil S.
Author: Lindberg, Evan F.
Author: Whateley, Dorothy
Corporate Author: Biomedical Labotarory
Laboratory: Biomedical Labotarory
Date of Publication: 1962-12
Pages: 13
Contract: Laboratory Research - No Contract
Project: 7222
Task: 722202
AD Number: AD0410162

The cardiovascular and respiratory responses of test pilots are compared with the AMRL centrifuge panel members during headward ( Gz) and forward ( Gx) accelerations. Vital capacity decreased in all subjects with increasing forward acceleration. No significant differ-e existed between the cardiorespiratory performance of test pilots and that of the nonrated personnel that constitute the AMRL centrifuge panel. No correlation was noted between blackout and pulse rate, but correlation did exist between resting control and 5Gz pulse rates. An extensive number of anthropometric measurements, indices of physical fitness, and measurements made during other stress did not correlate with tolerance to headward ( Gz) acceleration or with respiratory performance during Gz and Gx acceleration.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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