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Investigation Of Compounds Of High Caloric Density

Report Number: MRL TDR 62-35
Author: Miller, S. A.
Author: Dymsza, H. A.
Corporate Author: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date of Publication: 1962-05
AD Number: AD0284004

Synthesis of 2,4-dimethylheptanoic acid has been completed. Preliminary acute toxicity tests indicated that 2,4-dimethylheptanoic acid has a low order of toxicity (LD(50)-5 gm/kg) similar to other short-chain fatty acids. To facilitate metabolic studies, synthesis of the compound labeled C(14) has begun and techniques for quantitative identification of probable metabolic products have been developed. Further studies were made of the factors influencing the caloric bio-assay. A series of animal metabolic studies has indicated that odd-carbon fatty acids may be partly glucogenic. In addition, 1,3-butanediol was utilized for energy at approximately 6.0 cal/gm in high-fat diets. The slower growth of animals fed this compound at levels up to 20 percent of the diet was due to decreased food intake. Seven-month feeding tests have verified the the effectiveness of 1,3-butanediol and high-fat levels for dietary use under various conditions.

Agricultural Research Service Southern Region Research Center
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