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Study Of The Crystalline Transformation In Lial5o8

Report Number: RTD TDR 63-4151
Author: Wilson, H. H.
Corporate Author: Clemson Agricultural Coll S C
Laboratory: AF Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-01
Pages: 20
Contract: AF 33(616)-6870
Project: 7350
Task: 735001
AD Number: AD0431188

A study was made of the high-temperature phase change that occurs in LiAl5O8. The reaction has been reported to be either an order-disorder transformation or a reconstructive polymorphic inversion. Kinetics of the phase change with respect to compositional, temperature, and time variables were studied. The spinel structure was found to exist over wide compositional ranges in both lithia-rich and lithia-poor regions. The degree of the defectiveness of the structures affected the transformation rates. The transformation process is diffusion controlled and required a small activation energy. Insufficient evidence was obtained to resolve the question of the type of change that occurs.

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