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Boundary-Layer Characteristics at Mac Numbers 2 through 5 in the Test Section of the 12-Inch Supersonic Tunnel

Report Number: AEDC TDR 63-192
Author: Bell. D. R.
Corporate Author: ARO, Inc.
Date of Publication: 1963-09
Pages: 16
Contract: AF 40(600)-1000
Project: None Given
AD Number: AD0418711

As part of a general tunnel calibration program, an investigation was made of the boundary-layer characteristics at Mach numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the test section of the 12-Inch Supersonic Tunnel (D). The boundary-layer measurements were made at one longitudinal station (near the pitch sector center of rotation) on the centerline of both the flexible plate and sidewall. Measurements were also made at vertical locations on the sidewall between the sidewall centerline and the upper flexible plate. The boundary-layer total thickness, displacement thickness, and momentum thickness, are presented at each Mach number over a Reynolds number range corresponding, in general, to tunnel stagnation pressures between 5 and 60 psia. At each Mach number, the variation of displacement thickness on the side wall between the centerline and the upper flexible plate is presented as is a correlation of the flexible plate displacement thickness with experimental data obtained in other wind tunnels. Velocity profiles and test section Mach numbers are presented to indicate variations with Reynolds number.

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