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Design Study of a Liquid Oxygen Converter for Use in Weightless Environments

Report Number: AMRL TDR 63-42
Author: Reynolds, John M.
Author: Choi, Harry Y.
Author: Mela, Richard L.
Author: Hurwitz, Mathew
Corporate Author: Dynatech Corporation
Laboratory: Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1963-06
Pages: 107
Contract: AF 33(657)-9423
Project: 6373
Task: 637302
AD Number: AD411302

A basic investigation directed towards the de velopment of the dielectrophoretic oxygen con verter has been conducted. The work has covered dielectrophoretic theory, application to design, supporting experiments, preliminary design of a 25-liter converter, and construction of a small dielectrophoretic t for flight test experi ments. We find that the level of the dielectro phoretic forces can be predicted quantitatively. These force levels are limited in a practical con verter design by dielectric breakdown of the medium, by stability of the fluid-vapor inter face, and sometimes by force wells that trap fluids in the vicinity of the electrodes. Crite ria for converter design in view of these limita tions are developed, and it is shown that in a 25-liter converter ''equivalent dielectrophoretic gravity fields'' in the region from 10 to the -3 power to 10 to the -1 power g sub o should be attainable on the fluid with a 20,000 volt poten tial. Provision is made for uninterrupted opera tion up to 25 g sub o. Liquid-vapor separation occurs continuously in the converter. The entire converter, with auxiliaries, weighs 14.0 lb dry.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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