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Research on the Chemical Composition and Digestibility of Algal Cell Walls

Report Number: AMRL TDR 63-115
Author: Becker, Milton J.
Author: Shefner, Alan M.
Corporate Author: IIT Research Institute
Laboratory: Biomedical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1963-11
Pages: 34
Contract: AF 33(657)-10066
Project: 7164
Task: 716403
PB Number: PB123764
AD Number: AD0429803

Cell walls of the alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa 7-11-05 were isolated and purified. The carbohydrates present as monosaccharides in the purified cell walls and in chemical fractions of the cell walls were analyzed by paper chromotography and thin layer chromotography (TLC). Rhamnose, glucose and galactose were the predominant monosaccharides. Arabinose was not present in significant quantities in the cell walls or fractions thereof. Conditions for the large scale heterotrophic growth of C. pyrenoidosa (7-11-05) were explored and found to be feasible. Studies on the growth and partial digestion of the algal cells by a fungus, Aspergillus oryzae, were found to be feasible. Such studies were oriented towards controlled feedings of the alga, the alga-fungus mixture and the fungus to young rats.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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