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Model Astronaut Radiation Dose Distribution Analysis

Report Number: AMRL TDR 64-9
Author: Fortney, R. E.
Author: Duckworth, G. E.
Corporate Author: Northrop Space Laboratories
Laboratory: Biophysics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-02
Pages: 27
Contract: AF 33(657)-11010
Project: 6301
Task: 630101
PB Number: PB125079
AD Number: AD0435734

Radiation tolerance levels vary for the diffenent vital body organs and, therefore, the radiation dose distribution in an astronaut may be critical in future space endeavors. This study was initiated to determine analytically the dose distribution inside a model astronaut. The basis of the mathematical formulation for determining this distribution is presented in this report. Particles of the ambient environment were assumed to impinge isotropically on the APOLLO Command Module (CM). The radiation was attenuated through a typical vehicle wall thickness and mean dose rates at various depths in a model astronaut were calculated. Four depths were investigated, each having approximately 175 points at which the dose was calculated. Two spectra were considered one for Van Allen protons and the other representing solar flare protons. The results are presented in graphical form, giving dose versus depth in the model astronaut.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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