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Development of Techniques for Evaluation of Visual Simulation Equipment

Report Number: AMRL TDR 64-49
Author: John H. Harshbarger; Arthru T. Gill
Corporate Author: Systems Research Laboratories, Inc.
Laboratory: Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-08
Pages: 171
Contract: AF 33(657)-8299
Project: 6114
Task: 611405
AD Number: AD0607680

A study of large area image display by projection television was undertaken to evolve techniques of suitable image generation for astronautical flight simulation training. It was necessary to develop a technique to evaluate projected images. The display provided by the research apparatus, the close-circuit television system from an F-151 Fixed Gunnery Trainer, was evaluated; and performance characteristics of the 7WP4 performance in an ultra-high resolution television system revealed the tube to be unsuited to high resolution service. The projector in the F-151 television system was converted from a conventional 525-line system to a high resolution 1029line system. The 525-line format operated at 30 frames per second, with a horizonal scanning frequency of 15.75 kc and a vertical scanning frequency of 60 cps. In the 1029-line system, the frame rate and vertical scanning frequency were retained, but the horizontal scanning frequency was changed to 30.87 kc. The vertical sweep generator, sweep protection, and projection control circuits were duplicated; a video amplifier and horizontal sweep generator were developed; and volume of the control equipment was reduced from 144 to 32 cubic feet. Performance of the 7WP4 tube exceeded the prediction: limiting horizontal resolution is 650 to 700 lines with a well defined vertical raster.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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