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Effects of Hydrazines on the Metabolism of Certain Amines and Amino Acids

Report Number: AMRL TR 64-113
Author: Reed, D. J.
Author: Dost, F. N.
Author: Wang, C. H.
Corporate Author: Oregon State University
Laboratory: Biomedical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-12
Pages: 46
Contract: AF 33(657)-11757
Project: 6302
Task: 630202
AD Number: AD0610570

Certain effects of simple hydrazines via i.p. administration upon the metabolism of amines and amino acids by rats were examined. Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH), monomethylhydrazine (MMH) and hydrazine strongly inhibited oxidation of putrescine-1, 4-C14 (1, 4-diamino butane) and methylamine-C14 to C14O2 by intact rats. MMH caused a virtually complete inhibition of monoamine oxidase activity in vivo, but inhibition by UDMH and hydrazine was limited. In vivo and in vitro diamine oxidase activity was heavily suppressed by all three hydrazines. The inhibition duration of methylamine oxidase by UDMH and hydrazine was found to last several days. Inhibition of putrescine oxidation was reversed within 3 days, indicating a possible difference between the enzyme systems which metabolize methylamine and putrescine. The metabolism of varied oral and intraperitoneal doses of L-glutamic acid-1-C14 by rats was inhibited by hydrazine, but not by UDMH or MMH. Oxidation of large oral doses of L-alanine-1-C14 to respiratory C14O2 was slightly inhibited by UDMH, MMH and blocked to a greater extent by hydrazine. Similar results were found in the metabolism of low levels of gamma -aminobutyric acid-1-C14 (GABA-1-C14) except that hydrazine intoxication caused an almost complete inhibition of GABA-1-C14 conversion to C14O2.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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