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Empirical Correlation of Excitation Environment and Structural Parameters with Flight Vehicle Vibration Response

Report Number: AFFDL TR 64-160
Author: White, R. W.
Author: Bozich, D. J.
Author: Eldred, K. M.
Corporate Author: Northrup Corporation
Laboratory: AF Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-12
Pages: 128
Contract: AF 33(657)-8218
Project: 1370
Task: 137005
AD Number: AD0610482

The design of fatigue resistant structures for high speed aircraft and aerospace vehicles depends largely on the prediction of realistic acoustic, fluctuating aerodynamic, and engine vibration environments and on the estimation of the attendant vibration levels of structural components and attached equipment. The practical engineering limitations on the mathematical and numerical analyses required to treat such structures rigorously by classical dynamics necessitate studies of alternate, approximate methods. In this report, a definitive statement is presented of the empirical approach for determining correlations between the excitation environment and the vibration response of typical flight vehicle structures by means of statistical analyses of measured vibration data. The various aspects of the vibration prediction problem and the general philosophy motivating research in the area of empirical correlation are discussed. Specific treatment is given to the effects of bandwidth, modal density, and surface pressure spacecorrelation on the crosscorrelation of energy transmitted along various structural transmission paths in complex linear structures. An engineering model for empirical correlation is developed and several examples are given to demonstrate the utility of the equations.

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