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An Apparatus For Determination Of The Tensile Behavior Of Brittle Fibers

Report Number: AFML TR 65-47
Author: Darden, Dan B.
Corporate Author: Southern Research Institute
Date of Publication: 1965-02
Pages: 48
AD Number: AD0462837

An apparatus was built capable of obtaining a load-elongation curve of brittle fibers 0.005 to 0.0002 in. in diameter at temperatures to 2500 F. The apparatus is contained in three units, the tensile frame and extensometer, the control cabinet, and the furnace power supply. The tensile frame is a horizontal, screw-driven type with crosshead speeds from 0.004 to 2.0 in. per minute and full-scale load ranges from 100 to 10,000 grams. The major features are the specimen grips and the optical extensometer. Grips are selfenergizing tongs with deformable jaws set at a 4 degree angle. The extensometer tracks the silhouettes of two mu-shaped wire gage markers hung on the specimen. The load cell and the extensometer outputs are fed to an X-Y recorder that plots a complete, calibrated, load-elongation curve to failure. Excellent results have been obtained on trial runs. Noise of the extensometer is less than 0.00002 inch and nonlinearity is less than 1%.

Agricultural Research Service Southern Region Research Center
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