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Development of Fully Proceduralized Troubleshooting Routines

Report Number: AMRL TR 67-152
Author: Elliott, Thomas K.
Corporate Author: Applied Science Associates, Inc.
Laboratory: Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1967-11
Pages: 60
Contract: AF 33(615)-3966
Project: 1710
Task: 171004
AD Number: AD0664076

Several studies over the past decade have shown that proceduralized troubleshooting can produce acceptable or better performance of this complex maintenance task while permitting substantial reduction in the costly training typically associated with its accomplishment. The term 'proceduralized troubleshooting' is usually applied when the decision about where the system the technician is to check next, based on the results of previous checks, is made by a performance aid which directs his actions. This same performance aid, however, can also display expected normal readings and tolerance, test point locations, test equipment and test selection parts identification, and much other necessary and/or useful guidance. The method described follows from experiences with and subsequent to development of a fully proceduralized within stage troubleshooting performance system for purposes of experimental evaluation. It is based upon the rationale of maximizing information gain per unit test or operation cost. Examples of troubleshooting procedures developed for use in the evaluation are presented and described.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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