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Feasibility Investigations of Electrostatic Precipitation for the Removal of Gaseous Trace Contaminants from Manned Cabin Atmospheres

Report Number: AMRL TR 68-111
Author: Doyle, George J.
Corporate Author: Stanford Research Institute
Laboratory: Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1968-07
Pages: 52
Contract: AF 33(615)-2405
Project: 6373
Task: 637302
AD Number: AD0678927

This research is part of a program to study the feasibility of using a modified mode of electrostatic precipitation to remove polar gaseous trace contaminants from manned space-cabin atmospheres. A cell was developed for the removal of polar contaminant molecules from a 100 ml/min air inflow at part-per-million concentration levels of the contaminant. The operating principle of this cell is as follows: Positive lithium ions are thermionically generated and injected into the contaminated air stream. Ionic reaction products are collected at a set of porous metal collection electrodes. These electrodes are air-eluted. They are situated at the bottoms of slot-shaped wells to minimize escape of the collected contaminant molecules through diffusion. A measured efficiency of 20% for removal of acetone at a concentration of 1 ppm in dry air was finally achieved with this cell after considerable development work on the apparatus. This result is tentative pending further confirmatory experiments.

RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine
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