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On the Temperature Dependence of the Heat of Formation of the Compound AgMG

Author: Jena, A. K.
Author: Bever, M. B.
Corporate Author: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory: Office of Naval Research
Date of Publication: 1968-07-22
Pages: 12
Contract: Norr 3963-(19)
Project: NR 031 706
AD Number: AD0673044

Heats of formation at 78, 195 and 273 degrees K of the compound AgMg containing 50.1 at. Pct Mg have been measured by metal solution calorimetry. The relative partial gram-atomic enthalpy of silver in liquid tin-rich solutions at infinite dilution has also been measured. The temperature coefficient of the heat of formation is negative and appreciable near 78 degrees K, but with increasing temperature it dereases gradually to a small value near room temperature. This is consistent with the reported high-temperature heat contents of AgMg, Ag and Mg. It is suggested that such behavior of the temperature dependence of the heat of formation can be explained on the basis of the contributions from lattice heat capacities.

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