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Summary of Ignition Properties of Jet Fuels and Other Aircraft Combustible Fluids

Report Number: AFAPL TR 75-70
Author(s): Joseph M. Kutcha
Corporate Author: Bureau of Mines
Date of Publication: 1975-09
Pages: 63
Contract: F33615-74-M-6251
Project: 3048
Task: 304807
AD Number: ADA021320

This report was prepared at the request of the Air Force to summarize the various ignition properties of jet fuels and other aircraft combustible fluids. The initial part is devoted to theory and definitions that are pertinent to ignition phenomena and the application of any experimental data. Other parts of this report summarize the various data that are available on ignition energies, ignition quenching distances and ignition temperatures of aircraft fuels, engine oils, hydraulic fluids and lubricants. Data are presented on the following types of ignition sources: Electrical sparks or arcs, frictional sparks, heated vessels or tubes, heated wires or rods, heated metal targets, jets of hot gases, shock wave and adiabatic compression, incendiary ammunition and self-heating.

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