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Flat Panel Aircraft Video LED Display Technology Program

Report Number: AFWAL TR 84-3029
Corporate Author: Optotek Limited
Date of Publication: 1983-12-01
Pages: 55
AD Number: ADA156216

Basic investigations were conducted into the fabrication and assembly of modular 1 in. X 1 in. LED arrays of resolution 128 lines-per-inch. The LED material used was green-emitting gallium phosphide, Various LED configurations were investigated including stitch-bonded and flip-chip, bumped contact structures. A demonstration system was built and delivered to the USAF/FDL; this consisted of a 1 in. x 1 in. array plus associated decode/drive electronics interfaced to a 128 X 128 matrix solid-state TV camera. The electronics provided for the generation of video imagery on an eight level grey scale ratio of 2. In addition, array sections were fabricated confirming the achievement of sunlight visible performance for 128 line-per-inch LED arrays. Keywords include: LED Display, Flat Panel Display, Video Display, and Matrix Display.

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