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Psychological Considerations In The Design Of Training Equipment

Report Number: WADC TR 54-563
Author: Miller, Robert B.
Corporate Author: American Institute For Research
Laboratory: Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1954-12
Pages: 148
PB Number: PB111880
AD Number: AD0071202

A training device is a machine whose purpose is to teach job skills which will transfer to operational situations. As such, the human factors involved in efficient learning and transfer of training are considerations essential to economy and training value of trainer design. The report presents a number of considerations and recommendations for trainer design under the following topics: I. Some Principle concepts in learning and transfer of learning; II. Problems of physical simulation; III. Stage of learning and degree of physical simulation; IV. Knowledge of results and scoring; V. Recording procedures; VI. Proficiency measurement; VII. The design of the instrcutor's station; VIII. The trainer as demonstrator of principles; IX. Outline of steps in designing a training device. This report is essentially a digest of published material by the author and by Dr. Alan D. Swain. It has been adapted for persons who may not have a professional background in psychology. The report is intended for those who participate in framing the requirements for training devices, designing them, and to a lesser degree, for those who use them in training.

Hunt Library, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
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