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Investigation Of High Speed Impact Behavior Of Fibrous Materials. Part I. Design And Apparatus

Report Number: WADD TR 60-511 Part I
Author: Chu, Chauncey C.
Author: Morgan, Henry M.
Author: Coskren, Robert J.
Corporate Author: Fabric Research Laboratories, Inc.
Laboratory: Materials Central
Date of Publication: 1960-09
Pages: 39
Contract: AF 33(616)-6321
Project: 7320
Task: 73201
PB Number: PB171311
AD Number: AD0247493

A high speed impact test machine has been designed, constructed, and calibrated to test parachute components at high rates of loading. This instrument is capable of rupturing materials of up to 10,000 pounds static breaking strength at velocities of from 200 to 750 feet per second. The impacting force is applied by a free flying missile launched by a gas gun utilizing either nitrogen or helium gas at moderately low pressures. The gun has a bore of 2.5 inches and fires missiles weighing up to 10 pounds.

Pertinent data are obtained by means of multiple exposure photography using a multi-flash lighting source which provides a maximum of fifteen separate flashes spaced at predetermined intervals of between 10 and 10,000 microseconds. The resulting photograph records the specimen and the impacting missile before, during and after the impact. Measurement of the distances between successive exposures yields information such as the breaking strength, the extension to rupture, and the energy absorbed by the specimen.

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