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A Head Circumference Sizing System For Helmet Design: Including Three-Dimensional Presentations of Anthropometric Data

Report Number: WADD TR 60-631
Author: Zeigen, Robert S.
Author: Churchill, Edmund
Author: Alexander, Milton
Corporate Author: Behavioral Sciences Laboratory Aerospace Medical Division
Laboratory: Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1960-12
Pages: 103
Contract: Laboratory Research - No Contract
Project: 7222
Task: 71749
AD Number: AD0251939

A system for the sizing and design of rigid and semi-rigid helmets based on a single key dimension, head circumference, is described. Anthropometric data largely obtained in the 1950 survey of Air Force flying personnel were analyzed. The three sizing programs discussed in terms of tabular data are also referred to in terms of headforms or three-dimensional representations of these data. These programs are a Six-Size Program based on mean values, a Three-Size Program based on mean values, and a Six-Size Program for helmet liner problems.

This report includes an account of the historical development of sizing systems, programs, and resultant headforms in the Air Force; a detailed statement concerning the design rationale and statistical concepts used; comprehensive tables needed by the designer for all sizing programs discussed; a statement as to sculpturing techniques and problems; and a comment on preliminary validation results and on the over-all design-material-sizing concept.

Appendices include a glossary of significant terms, descriptions of selected head and face dimensions, a detailed discussion of statistical concepts and formulae referred to in the report and tables of comparative Four and Six-Size Programs based on the key dimensions head length, head breadth.

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