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Effect Of State Of Stress On The Failure Of Metals At Various Temperatures

Report Number: WADD TR 60-869
Author: Clark, S. K.
Author: Jenkins, D.R.
Author: Haythornthwaite, R.M.
Corporate Author: The University Of Michigan
Laboratory: Materials Central
Date of Publication: 1961-03
Pages: 24
Contract: AF 33(616)-6041
Project: 7021
Task: 73653
AD Number: AD0264346

The results of the research indicate that thin tubular specimens of cast Zamak-3 zinc alloy are brittle for some states of combined tension and torsion load and ductile for others. A testing temperature in the range -8°F to 80°F appears to be permissible.

General characteristics of a yield function in accord with plasticity theory are discussed. The experimental data for yielding and fracture are compared with the predictions of theory. The large degree of scatter in the data makes theoretical correlation difficult, but it appears that all the needed data can be obtained by use of the present apparatus with modifications. All data for yielding and failure under combined tension and torsion loading were obtained at a test temperature of 32°F.

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