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Flammability Characteristics Of High Temperature Hydrocarbon Fuels

Report Number: WADD TR 61-89
Author: Kuchta, Joseph M.
Author: Spolan, Irving
Author: Zabetakis, Michael G.
Author: Bartkowiak, Alphonse
Corporate Author: Bureau Of Mines, United States Department of the Interior
Laboratory: Materials Central
Date of Publication: 1961-05
Pages: 35
Contract: DO 33(616)-605
Project: 3048
Task: 30195
AD Number: AD0268575

Data are presented on the flammability and auto-ignition temperature characteristics of JP-6, JP-150 and HTF-59-24 fuels. Flammability limits of the vapors of these fuels were determined in air at elevated temperatures and at atmospheric pressure. Auto-ignition temperatures and corresponding ignition delay times were obtained under static and dynamic conditions as a function of the pressure and the oxygen concentration of the ambient medium; the effect of fuel volume on auto-ignition was also determined in static tests. In addition, the auto-ignition of JP-6 fuel vapor-oxygen-nitrogen mixtures was studied in various vessels which were heated uniformly and non-uniformly; critical heat flow requirements for auto-ignition were found for spherical and cylindrical copper vessels and a spherical stainless steel vessel.

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