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Thermopile Generator Feasibility Study. Part IV - Generator Design

Report Number: WADD TR 60-22 Part IV
Author: Gessner, R. L.
Corporate Author: General Electric Company
Laboratory: Flight Accessories Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1960-08
Pages: 94
Contract: AF 33(616)-5281
Project: 3145
Task: 60199
AD Number: AD0268591

This report contains a detailed description and summary of a research and development study to determine means of employing thermopile generators as sources of electrical power in future air and space weapon systems. The following major areas of work were involved: 1) Materials development, 2) Junction fabrication and test, 3) Thermoelectric generator applications studies, and 4) Thermoelectric generator design.

The report consists of four parts as follows:

Part I - Summary - This presents an over-all summary of the entire program.

Part II - Materials Investigations - This contains the details of the work on materials development.

Part III - Performance Studies - This presents in detail the work on thermoelectric generator applications studies as well as the more general aspects of thermoelectric generator design.

Part IV - Generator Design - This contains the details of the work on junction fabrication and test and thermoelectric generator design for specific applications.

This is Part IV of the report and contains a detailed description of the work on junction fabrication and test and on thermoelectric generator design as applied particularly to: 1) Efforts to design, build, and test a 5 watt generator model, and 2) Preparation of specifications for the 100 watt Solar Thermoelectric Generator are included as an appendix in this Part.

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