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Dislocations And Plastic Behavior Of Iron Single Crystals

Report Number: WADD TR 61-145
Author: Fopiano, Paul J.
Corporate Author: Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
Laboratory: Materials Central
Date of Publication: 1961-04
Pages: 36
Contract: AF 33(616)-6348
Project: 7021
Task: 73653
AD Number: AD0276901

The material in this report is primarily devoted to work carried out during the period 1 February 1960 to 31 January 1961. However, it also, concerns the results of the period 1 March 1959 to 31 January 1960. An important part of the initial contract period was the development of suitable techniques and apparatus for the strain-anneal growth of iron single crystals. The factors affecting this growth, however, have been of continuing interest throughout the entire period. The metallography and etch pitting of annealed and strained single crystal specimens have been developed and shown to give consistent results. While x-ray and light micrographs of extra-large grained specimens showed qualitative agreement, the technique was not felt to be sufficiently quantitative for our purposes. The double crystal spectrometer is felt, however, to be of most interest in this program. Furthermore, the desirability of being able to follow the effect of strain on the rocking curve of one particular area of an iron single crystal has led to the construction of a tensile apparatus capable of being mounted directly on the double crystal spectrometer. The methods and results of employing this technique are discussed in considerable detail. The analysis of these results based on a dislocation model is presented.

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