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Thermo-Structural Analysis Manual

Report Number: WADD TR 60-517 Volume I
Author: Switzky, H.
Author: Newman, M.
Author: Forray, M. J.
Corporate Author: Republic Aviation Corp Farmingdale N Y
Laboratory: Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1962-08
Pages: 445
Contract: AF 33(616)-6066
Project: 1367
Task: 136710
AD Number: AD0286908

This Manual includes a compilation of methods of solution for thermal stress problems of the type frequently encountered by aircraft designers. Some of the methods represent original work done at Republic Aviation Corporation and others were obtained from the general literature. Where feasible, graphs and formulas are presented from which the user may obtain answers directly. These are presented in non-dimensional form to extend their applicability. In other cases, tables are furnished which describe methods of solution. Liberal use is made of illustrative problems and examples.

Within the limitations of linear elastic theory, the following problems are treated in detail:

(1) Statically determinate beams
(2) Redundant beams and frames
(3) Riveted or bolted joints
(4) Plates
(5) Axially symmetric shells

For more complex linear problems, a general method of attack is presented which reduces the thermal stress problem to an equivalent mechanical loading problem. This approach permits utilization of the great variety of analytical methods which have been developed for stress analysis of structures under purely mechanical loads. A brief review of some of these methods is included with pertinent remarks on their applicability to thermal stress problems.

In many cases of practical interest, thermal effects introduce non-linearity by causing large deflections, by affecting the mechanical properties of the material, or by introducing creep. Solutions for these problems are quite limited. However, ther are discussed in some detail and a generalized stress-strain-time-temperature relationship is postulated which is applied to buckling of columns and plates

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