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Pilot Evaluation of Vanadium Alloys

Author: Holtz, F. C.
Corporate Author: Armour Research Foundation
Corporate Report Number: ARF-B231-8
Date of Publication: 1963-02-11
Pages: 12
Contract: NOw 62-0101-c
AD Number: AD0296759
Original AD Number: AD-296 759

Experimental vanadium-columbium base alloys were fabricated to sheet from 200-gram arcmelted ingots. The composition V-60w/o Cb1w/o Zr-0.075w/o C had ultimate tensile strength values of 97,000, 77,000, and 20,000 psi at 1800, 2000, and 2400 F, respectively. On a density-corrected basis, the values up to 2000 F, were the highest of all materials studied under this and the preceding programs. The V-40w/o Cb-30w/o Ta 1w/o Hf alloy had higher 2400 F strength (25, 400 psi) but lacked the high room-temperature ductility of the V-Cb-Zr-C material. Extruded and wrought plate, and sheet stock from the second 100pound ingot (nominal composition V-4w/o Ti20w/o Cb-1w/o Zr-0.075w/o C) was received and distributed to organizations participating in the data-exchange program. A total of 44 pounds of usable material was obtained, compared to about 30 pounds for the first large ingot.

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