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Investigation of Methods for Determining Actual Flaw Size in Materials by Nondestructive Ultrasonic Means, Part II.

Report Number: ASD TR 61-205 Part II
Author: Anderson, Leo J.
Author: Wick, Marvin R.
Author: Posakony, G. J.
Corporate Author: Automation Industries, Inc.
Laboratory: AF Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1963-11
Pages: 84
Project: 1-(8-7350)
Task: 73520
AD Number: AD0425535

The work effort under Contract AF 33(161)-7279, Supplement S2(61-1519) was directed toward the development and evaluation of techniques for determining actual flaw size, orientation and geometry in materials by nondestructive ultrasonic means. The program led to the development of a breadboard instrument capable of presenting an isometric, 3-dimensional, volumetric projection of inconsistencies in metal parts. The three-dimensional display of the material was achieved by the design of a special mechanical manipulator and presentation system employing a single oscillating transducer.

With theory and practicality thus demonstrated, attention to refinements to increase the inspection rate and improve information display for in-process viewing and permanent recording was undertaken which led to the development of a fully operational self-contained nondestructive testing instrument. This new instrument represents a new technology using sound beam properties in materials as operating parameters to produce an isometric presentation on a cathode ray tube. The end result is an operational instrument capable of rapid scan rates and a multipurpose display system for setup, analysis by in-process viewing, and flaw area localization.

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