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Quartz Crystal Oscillator Circuits Design Handbook

Author: Firth, D.
Corporate Author: Maganavox Company
Corporate Report Number: Magnavox Serial No. TP64-1072
Laboratory: U.S. Army Electronics Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1965-03-15
Pages: 484
Contract: DA36-039-AMC-00043(E)
Project: 3A99-15-004
AD Number: AD0460377

The object of this handbook is to assemble a set of design methods for crystal oscillators in the frequency range of 1 KC to 200 MC with the aim of facilitating design, eliminating crystal unit misapplications, and reducing design costs. The handbook is not directed at the design of ultra-stable crystal oscillators, but rather at the non-temperature controlled, medium frequency stability oscillator commonly in use in many types of communications equipment. The handbook contains discussions of: (1) The electrical characteristics of crystal units, condition of usage, and methods of measurement. (2) Characteristics of tube and transistor amplifiers. (3) Characteristics of impedance transforming networks. (4) Detailed design information on series resonance and anti-resonance oscillators. (5) Design examples together with experimental evaluation data covering most of the 1 KC to 200 MC range.

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