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Study of Comprehensive Failure Theory

Author: Goldberg, M. E.
Author: Horberg, A.
Author: Lauffenburger, H. A.
Author: Levinson, D. W.
Author: Stewart, R. G.
Corporate Author: IIT Research Institute
Date of Publication: 1964-09
Pages: 252
AD Number: AD0608365
Original AD Number: AD-608 365

Precipitation and oxidation are described as two principal failure mechanisms occurring in deposited metal film resistors. Resistors aged in the absence of oxygen show the behavior expected of the precipitation process; reduction of resistance with time. Evidence of clustering is also obtained. Resistors exposed to oxygen at high temperature show the anticipated increase in resistance with time. Experiments performed with quartz crystals show a fourth power relationship for the oxidation kinetics. A mathematical model of resistor behavior, involving at this time oxidation and precipitation, has been investigated and programmed for the IBM 7090 computer. The resulting computations to date agree poorly with available resistor test data. This is attributed to (1) effects and mechanisms which have not yet been incorporated in the model, and (2) the data available for validation studies represent mean value data for hundreds of resistors. Study of a semiconductor device has been initiated. A silicon planar epitaxial diode has been selected as the device to model. Studies of failure mechanisms point to ionic contaminant migration as the probable first order failure mechanism affecting performance in this device.

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