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Design Method for Fully Augmented Systems for Variable Flight Conditions

Report Number: AFFDL-TR-71-152
Author: VanDierendonck, Albert J.
Corporate Author: Honeywell, Inc.
Corporate Report Number: F0042-FR
Laboratory: Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1972-01
Pages: 298
Contract: F33615-71-C-1058
Project: 8219
AD Number: AD0744491

A practical controller design procedure for aircraft for their entire flight envelope is developed based on quadratic optimal control technology. The resulting design is an optimal gain schedule with some gains fixed and some gains variable. The procedure is applied to two example aircraft, the F4 Lateral-Direction Axes and the YF-12 Pitch Axis. Good handling qualities are a criteria for both examples. An additional criterion of minimizing accelerations due to flexure is included in the YF-12 design. The handling-quality criteria are expressed as model-following errors while the ride qualities are expressed as mean square accelerations. A computer algorithm is developed to solve this fixed-plus-variable-gain optimization problem with measurement realizability constraints. The algorithm successfully handled 11th-order dynamics over 11 flight conditions and 22nd-order dynamics over four flight conditions. A pole-placement algorithm is also extended to multiple flight conditions but is not applied.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Kraemer Family Library
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